We are all aware of the importance of Social Media, it is used to increase brand awareness, generate more leads and eventually improve conversion rates. More than 45% of the world is on Social Media today, and if you want your product, service, mission to reach the maximum amount of people, you need to be on social media.

Social media, however, can be extremely time-consuming. Additionally, It spread so many diverse tasks, ranging from number-based activities like tracking analytics, to creative jobs such as designing graphics.

It can be difficult to find the skills and manpower needed to execute a good social media strategy — which is why you need social media tools to help you out.

Here, we’ll cover the top eight social media marketing tools you should be using in 2020 to help you save time while getting more conversions than ever.


What Makes a Good Social Media Marketing Tool?


1. HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool

Price: Starts at $800/month, included in the Marketing Hub Professional tier.

HubSpot’s social inbox tool saves you valuable time while still optimizing your social efforts. Schedule your posts, integrate your social networks with your blog, and monitor messages and mentions so you can nurture new leads.

HubSpot also integrates all of your marketing with your CRM, so it’s easy to figure out how many leads and customers you’re receiving directly from social media. So it’s considered as a best Social media Marketing Tool.


Price: Starts at $49/month for individual creatives.

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service tool that helps you to get more organic followers on your Instagram business account. Using your company account, the growth service “likes” around 30,000 photos a month on carefully-targeted accounts. Those users — real people, not spambots or fake accounts — will begin to follow your account, increasing your brand awareness.

Kicksta tool is a good fit for any industry and provides a friendly, responsive, and helpful customer success team. “Kicksta helps you to introduce new audiences to your brand while providing consistent organic Instagram growth. Its Marketer best choice in social media tools. 


Price: Starts at $9/month for Solopreneurs.

Social media marketing tools platform Later lets you plan and schedule your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts. The drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy for you to map out your upcoming posts and see at a glance how your feed will look.

You can also track your analytics, which will help you figure out the best time of day to post, and the best hashtags to use. Additionally, linking the Bio Feature of Instagram helps your posts become instantly shoppable. Now marketers are using this tool for Free because it has a free plan also.


Price: Starts at $9.99/month.

Adobe’s Lightroom product is a tool that lets you organize and edit photos. As social media is all about visuals, it’s critical your business’s social media accounts showcase vibrant, on-brand photos.

Sliders, filters, and many of the other features make Lightroom a user-friendly tool to create beautiful and creative photos even if you don’t have much editing experience. Lightroom is available for both mobile and desktop, and best of all, changes made on one device immediately apply to all devices. Instagrammers are using this tool for their professional photo-editing. Editing becomes easier for marketers through these marketing tools.


Price: Free or $12.95 per team member per month.

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design website where you can create custom, on-brand graphics for your company’s social media accounts. The website has dozens of templates — everything from Facebook banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts — so if starting from scratch to create social graphics seems intimidating, use a template instead. Canva will help you to create any best graphics because of its pre-made layouts it’s easy to edit them & change accordingly.


Price: Free

Described as “a toolkit for storytellers”, Unfold is an iOS and Android app that helps you create beautiful templates for Instagram stories. Bringing your creative visions to life is the driving idea behind Unfold. It’s an ideal app for lifestyle brands who want to create stylish collages to keep their social media accounts on-brand and receive the maximum amount of engagement from followers. For interactive stories, its the best tool any social media marketer can use to get the maximum engagements.


Price: Starts at $30/credit (one credit equals one Instagram report for one year).

You’ll never earn money from fake followers — they just make your engagement look bad (think millions of followers, but only a few hundred likes per photo) and ruin your reputation. That’s why HypeAuditor filters out fake followers on your Instagram account to help you determine your organic reach. so it will help you to get out of these fake followers and increase the organic reach of your profile and get lots of clicks and engagement through social media.


Price: Starts at $0.25 per image.

The website Retouchup provides an easy way to edit photos for social media, from basic color correction to more advanced Photoshop-like features such as adding or removing people from a photo. With Retouchup, you don’t do the work yourself — instead, just submit a photo and the website’s experts will edit the photo for you within 24 hours.

There are several choices out there for high-quality social media tools. Ultimately, it’s your job to decide which tool is the best fit for your needs, your budget, and your marketing goals.


Price: Starts at $5/month.

If you want to create a gorgeous, attractive, professional marketing video then it’s a hurdle for you, but Animoto is a fantastic social media marketing tools for you. Use this tool to get the best promotions of products & services or simple you can say it will help you to catch the eye of your audience.

Marketers are Not being able to create attractive engaging and eye-catching visual content for your audience is the hurdle for or disadvantage for any business. Especially for all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, IGTV, where video and photos are the primary sources of communication with the highest level of engagements as it is the best social media marketers tool.

Animoto will help you to add the substantial difference in the quality of your videos, with its simple, fast and easy video making capabilities in an effective manner. Its Advantage is that it has pre-made layouts and templates, text overlay, stock music and easy options for editing them.


sPrice: Starts at $40/month for work Organiser’s.

This scheduling tool allows marketers to organise their entire marketing calendar or multiple calendars in one go. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the important dates and difficult for us to maintain the social media post regularly so it will help us to remember all the dates.

Through this social media tool, you can organise all of your projects, schedule posts, and manage content, tasks and your important events all in one place. It will also help you to track your performance analytics and use CoSchedules’s for Require feature to find the most optimal best post timings and you can schedule accordingly.

There are a number of choices out of these above tools that social media marketing tools we can use to Easy out their Social media Work. Ultimately, Its totally up to you that which tool you love and best fit for your needs, your budgets and the most importantly your marketing goals.